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A rationalist perspective

Modernism and architectural purity

Dedicated to the spirit of mid-century Milanese modernism and inspired by the works of the iconic Italian architects of that era, Casa Brivio embodies the essence of the city. Fusing Milan’s rich experiences in design, fashion and culture, Casa Brivio embodies a sophisticated and unique style, a tribute to the golden age of Milanese design and architecture. Casa Brivio honours its rationalist roots while embracing the interior design flair of the 1970s. With a sober façade and clean lines, this Milanese house gradually reveals its elegant personality.

Creative concept

The creative concept of Casa Brivio has left nothing to chance. Via Olmetto offers each guest the experience of a typical Milanese House furnished with iconic elements that have made the city’s design history. Each piece of furniture tells a story. Every object is a window to a world suspended between tradition and contemporaneity.

Matteo Thun for Casa Brivio

Matteo Thun is one of Italy’s most awarded designers and architects. In 1978, he moved to Milan, where he met Ettore Sottsass, with whom he founded Sottsass Associati and the Memphis Group in 1981. After different experiences as an art director, Thun founded his own architecture and design firm in 1984, designing some of the world’s most beautiful buildings.

Italian DNA

Crossing the threshold of Casa Brivio is almost reminiscent of entering the legendary Milanese entrances. The decorative motif on the ceiling and the boiserie on the walls of the reception area are a tribute to Gio Ponti. The interiors of the rooms are all furnished to give them a timeless charm and highlight certain key architectural elements, such as the wardrobe. They recall the city’s taste for modern history, incorporated by contrasting historical references: progressive and conservative. Together with Cassina Contract, all the furniture for Casa Brivio was designed with the style of Modernism in mind.